About Us

NGS is a leader in the production and supply of equipment for the production of shoes and leather goods worldwide. The advantage of our company is a wide range of equipment for tailoring and production of shoes, because working with NGS equipment can not only improve the quality of products, reduce costs, but also increasing productivity several times. Partnership with NGS - the supply of equipment to almost anywhere in the world. The range of NGS equipment includes:

  • equipment for the production of shoes (a full range from cutting machines to molding machines);
  • equipment for the manufacture of products and leather (bags, belts, wallets, gloves, outerwear, etc.): cutting presses, machinery for installing accessories, sewing machines, stamping machines, etc .;
  • equipment used in the repair of shoes and leather goods (press for gluing soles, finishers;
  • consumables for equipment.

Why is it necessary to choose NGS equipment?

Equipment for shoes and leather goods from NGS is characterized by high performance, easy operation, safety and stability in operation. If you want to buy equipment for the production of shoes, then you need to make a choice on the basis of additional services that NGS provides:

  • consultation on the replacement of existing equipment or the search for new equipment according to customer specifications;
  • modernization of production equipment for the production of shoes;
  • optimization of the production process (replacement of manual labor);
  • development of projects for production workshops for the production of footwear, leather goods;
  • installation supervision (installation and connection) of any equipment;
  • training personnel to work with equipment;
  • warranty service of machines and production lines;
  • supply of consumables and spare parts.