Accessories setting equiment

Machines for inserting blocks, hooks, rivets and pearls are integral elements in the overall chain of shoe production processes, since the installation of accessories on shoes is a very important part of it.

Presses for fitting accessories allow fast and high-quality fastening of the product to the goods. Suitable for installation of stamped buttons, hooks, loops, eyelets, rivets, small boxes, various decor on the legs and other accessories.

The international company NGS offers 3 types of presses:

  • pneumatic;
  • manual;
  • foot.

The press comes with accessories, which are also called nozzles and dies. Since almost every product has its own unique nozzles, without them a high-quality and reliable installation of the product on the product is impossible.

You can buy machines for installing accessories from authorized NGS dealers in Germany, Poland, Ukraine and other European or CIS countries. We also provide services for the professional turn-key setting up of the manufacturing business and staff training for working with our equipment.