Leather stamping, marking and perforating equipment

The equipment for branding, marking, stamping and perforation is the main arsenal of machines for the cutting area at the stage of processing the leather material. All these processes, without exception, are necessary at the stage of production of footwear, bags, clothes and other leather products.

Whether it is just applying an engraved pattern to the details of the top of the shoe, marking the size on the net, or functional or decorative perforation of leather — in any case, without specialized equipment, these operations cannot be fully and accurately performed.Perforation is used on all types of leather in the manufacture of leather goods and footwear industry.

Through holes can be of any geometric shape and size, the main thing is to observe the necessary distance between the holes in order to avoid loss of the overall strength of the product material. In the case of perforated holes with a diameter of more than 5 mm, reinforce the material with a lining.Embossing is used to apply a decorative image to leather upper materials or other details of clothing, bags, wallets and other accessories. The embossing procedure can be carried out both on natural, and on artificial or synthetic leather. Typically, embossing is carried out on those areas that, during further processing and operation, do not undergo at least some significant deformation.

The embossing depth should not exceed half of the total thickness of the material on which the image is applied.You can buy the above machines or other equipment for branding, marking, embossing and perforation from official NGS dealers in Germany, Poland, Ukraine and other countries of Europe and the CIS. We also provide services for the professional turnkey setting up of the manufacturing business and staff training for working with our equipment.