Heat press for sealing elastic band

Equipment for melting elastic finds its application at the stage of workpiece assembling. Yes, perhaps the machine for this process is far from the most important component on one of the lines of the global process in the field of footwear production, but in any case it is an integral step towards maximum automation of production.

Manual methods of leather processing and other processes in the field of shoe manufacturing have long since sunk into oblivion. If they still remained somewhere, then they can be applied exclusively to small firms, which clearly do not claim to have any significant share in the footwear manufacturing market.Large manufacturers of shoes and leather goods are well aware that the optimization of production processes is not possible without their automation. With the proper volumes of production and sales, the equipment pays for itself in the shortest possible time, so much so that the parts do not even have time to wear out. And here every stage is important so that there is no stagnation on any part of the production line. To do this, you need modern high-quality equipment and adequate responsible personnel who can easily cope with fairly simple machines to operate.So in the case of a machine for melting elastic. It is very simple and convenient both in operation and in subsequent maintenance. The working process of melting elastic to thinning its edge occurs using pneumatic pressure and heating the bottom plate at the joints of the shoe parts. Thus, the absence of legging on finished shoes is achieved, which is an integral part of quality products.

The machine is equipped with a system for regulating the temperature and time of pressing the material.The international company NGS presents machines for melting elastic, which operate on a standard voltage of 220 V / 50 Hz and provide a working pressure of 0.5 Mpa. Otherwise, the RZ168 and RZ168A machines differ only in power and size of the working platform.

You can buy equipment for melting elastic and other machines for the production of shoes and leather goods from official NGS dealers in Germany, Poland, Ukraine and other European and CIS countries. All equipment is available and our specialists are always ready to instruct the user and show with an example how simple and convenient it is to work with the machines that we have on sale. In addition, we provide services for professional turn-key setting up of the production business and training of enterprise employees to work with our equipment.