Shoemaking gluing equipment

Machines for applying glue are used for their intended purpose in the assembly area of the workpiece assembly and shoe lasting. Glue is applied mainly both on flat surfaces and on materials with embossed contours: various details of shoes, bags, leather goods, as well as soles, insoles and other products.Gluing machines from the international company NGS are equipped with rotating shafts in the amount of two pieces, which are located one above the other. Their synchronous rotation allows the material to pass between them and apply glue using the lower shaft. The following types of glue can be used:

You can buy gluing machines and other equipment for applying glue and manufacturing shoes directly from official NGS dealers in Germany, Poland, Ukraine and other countries in Europe and the CIS. The equipment is available in stores where our specialists provide instruction on operation and can clearly demonstrate the principles of operation of machines for the production of shoes and answer all questions of interest to customers. On sale are also available all the necessary related products and components. In addition, we provide services for the professional setting up of the turnkey manufacturing business and personnel training for working with our equipment.