Drying and glue reactivating

Drying and reactivation of the adhesive film is an important step in the production of shoes, which follows the roughening of the long edge and the application of glue on it. A special glue is applied to the workpiece in an even and thin layer. It is very important to do this correctly and to avoid areas of skipping and crossing the marked track abroad. After the expert is convinced that the glue is applied qualitatively, he proceeds to the drying step, where the glue film is dried according to an individual regimen for each type of glue. The number of iterations in the glue application cycle is determined by its recipe qualities and can be more than once.

The last stage in this section is the activation of the glue itself, which is carried out using special equipment for activation. The machine for activating glue performs the necessary operation with to the adhesive film on the necessary sections of the sole and workpiece. At the top of the machine there is a second section, which is designed to accommodate the lasts with the workpiece. It is there that the process of adhesive activation is carried out.

You can buy equipment for drying and reactivation of adhesive films, as well as other machines for the production of shoes and related accessories, from authorized dealers of the international company NGS in European and CIS countries. We also provide services for professional turn-key setting up of the manufacturing business and training of production staff to work with our equipment.