Finish department

The finishing section for the production of footwear is characterized by finishing processes that allow the final processing of the shoe and give it a neat and marketable appearance, after which the shoe can be safely packed in boxes or placed on store shelves.The finishing section is divided into several stages, at each of which a certain amount of work is carried out at the final operations with shoes and certain special equipment is used for these processes.

For example, polishing machines with dust collectors are used at the stage of finishing and covering defects. Such equipment allows you to get rid of many external defects of shoes and perform the next step on the way to creating neat, high-quality shoes.At the stage of molding the bootleg, special machines are used, which are called rulers. They allow you to straighten the bootlegs and give them the desired shape. Thanks to the steaming function on shoes, various bumps, wrinkles and folds that have remained from previous stages of production are eliminated.At the stage of flattening the leather of the shoes takes necessary neat and presentable appearence. The material is smoothed using special irons on both the outside and the inside. This allows you to produce the highest quality shoe processing at this stage. The machine for smoothing leather has a functional temperature control in the case of working with various materials that differ in their indicators of heat resistance.

To apply an additional coat of paint, if necessary, special spray booths are used. Painting work at the finishing site is an important and responsible process that must be implemented on high-quality and modern equipment.At the stage of forming quaters it is very important to use high-tech equipment equipped with special mechanisms for both hot and cold forming. This will allow to carry out the molding process in an automatic mode with satisfactory quality indicators.

The use of related equipment for cleaning the premises makes it possible to constantly keep production rooms clean, which will increase the life of the remaining equipment and will qualitatively affect the creation of a safe working atmosphere for employees.You can buy all the necessary equipment for the finishing production area of footwear from dealers of the international company NGS. We provide quality assurance and offer our services in the full setting up of the turnkey manufacturing business and personnel training to work with our equipment.