Processing department

The equipment presented on the assembling department of the workpiece assembly is various sewing machines, crimping machines and machines for glue application. Let us dwell in more detail at each stage of the blank section.Single-needle or double-needle column machines are used at the assembly stage of the workpiece in the manufacture of various shoes, bags and leather goods. They got their name because of the core type of the platform, which is characterized by the synchronous feeding of the lower, upper roller and needle, due to which the material is uniformly fed. The pinch roller gives more opportunities when sewing products with curved lines. The height of the roller is increased sufficiently, which ensures unhindered room and the extraction of workpieces of large thickness.

The removable needle plate allows, if necessary, to make a quick change without resorting to disassembling the entire site. Column machines allow you to apply high-quality stitching regardless of the surface of the skin (rough or smooth) or its thickness. The machines are computerized, as simple as possible and convenient to operate and maintain.Another type of sewing machine is a zigzag. Used for applying zigzag stitch to the material. It is used in the manufacture of shoes, clothes, bags, suitcases, gloves and other leather goods. Zigzag sewing machines can be used for sewing materials of small or medium thickness, for assembling the lining, stitching furs, applying a patch and weld seam, a seam on a bend or zipper. A distinctive feature of zigzag sewing machines is their flexible setting, which ensures a smooth ride and neat beautiful seams.The machine for folding the edges of leather is another unit that is used at the assembly stage of the workpiece. It is used both for genuine leather and for PU-materials in the production of shoes and leather goods. The bending process is as follows: the molten glue is automatically fed through the nozzle to the braid and material of the workpiece.

The bending itself is done using two clamping hammers. The machine is also equipped with a knife for applying incisions to the material in both automatic and manual mode. All this is necessary in order to minimize tension on the internal and external bends. The settings for adjusting the speed of the machine, temperature and the amount of hot melt adhesive are available.

The bending width is also adjustable from 3 to 8 mm, the bending of materials can be carried out without laying the braid.Machine for nailing the main insole to the last. Heels the heel to the sole with nails, which are simply poured into a special compartment.The insole stitching machine is used to stitch it with the top of the workpiece during the assembly of the workpiece. This machine is used as universal sewing equipment in the shoe industry, as well as in the manufacture of clothing, bags, hats, fur products, genuine and eco leather.

The machine is equipped with a special hook, which is designed for uniform and more convenient material collection in the workpiece. With the help of this equipment, a single-strand chain stitch is sewn, which can be used for both functional and decorative seams.The machine for applying hot melt adhesive is used at the stage of assembling the workpiece and tightening shoes and in the production of other leather goods. It is intended for applying glue on flat surfaces of shoe parts, insoles, bag parts, soles and so on.There is also a special machine designed for sealing on leather and PU materials. It is mainly used on summer shoes in the type of sandals and allows you to give details a better quality.With the help of the equipment mentioned above, it is possible to competently set up production processes in the processing area of shoes production.