Steaming before assembling equipment

Equipment for humidifying the workpiece before lasting finds its application in the assembly area of shoe production, namely, at the stage of lasting shoes.

The process of steaming occurs - processing the workpiece with steam. For this, equipment for steaming vamp and heel is used.The machine for steaming vamps performs the function of humidifying vamps, namely the workpiece with a glued toe cap at a point in time before lasting the toe of the shoe.

The steaming operation is quite simple in fact: hot steam is supplied to the workpiece previously fixed between two heated plates, which makes it possible to prepare the material for subsequent high-quality lasting and further manipulation of the shoe workpiece in other manufacturing areas.The heel steaming machine has similar operating principles: controlled, adjustable plate heating temperature and steam supply.

The machine is designed for three half pairs of shoes, which significantly increases productivity. It is equipped with digital adjustment of the preheating temperature of the workpiece and the amount of steam supplied to facilitate the process of lasting the heel of the shoe.