Shoe forming equipment

Equipment for molding shoes is an important and crucial segment in the assembly area for shoe lasting. This includes equipment for molding and installing a thermoplastic backdrop. All this equipment can significantly increase production capacity and increase productivity at the shoe manufacturing enterprise.

A low temperature hot melt rubber print backpart machine is also used in the shoe lasting phase. In this case, the workpiece is also mounted on the punch and, using a special pedal, is fixed with sufficient tension in the middle area. Pasting the back and fixing the adhesive to the lining occurs with the set temperature of the heating of the punch. Well, as in the case of the above machines, the adhesive area of ​​the backdrop is activated on a hot punch and then, when exposed to pneumatic pressure, the heel part is crimped. After the set time has passed, the unit returns to its original position.

The machine can be configured individually for the desired block, according to the type of shoe and its material.All of the above equipment can be purchased from authorized dealers of the international company NGS in Germany, Poland, Ukraine and other countries of Europe and the CIS.