Leather measure and check equipment

Equipment for measuring leather and defect control is an integral component for any line at the starting stage of shoe production. The search for skin defects and flaws is a very time-consuming and important process that must be implemented at the very initial stage. The subsequent processing of the skin also depends on the quality of its implementation, because in case of any omissions in this period, at least part if not all of the work carried out in the future may go down the drain.

On the measuring machine, leather is stretched and allows you to conduct a thorough study of its surface to detect problem areas with various flaws, which can be noted by the color that stands out against the general background and, when further cutting and marking the skin, bypass these areas.If all this work is carried out correctly, these measures taken at the initial stage will increase overall productivity and ensure that the cutter will only carry out his target work and will avoid an unacceptable loss of time to search for defects. An experienced specialist with a trained eye who professionally specializes in identifying and localizing problem areas on leather by marking defects with a special pencil, subsequently allows to increase the quality of cutting, indirectly affecting this process. Details of shoes that are cut only from high-quality leather, in the case of elimination of defective parts, can reduce the percentage of defects at the assembly stage as much as 90%.