Cutting department

The cutting department in the manufacturing footwear consists of equipment designed for rather complex technological processes with leather and accessories. The international company NGS brings to your attention the following types of machines, each of which performs certain functions:

• horizontal or vertical measuring machine. The first includes in the range of its functionality stamping on the back side of leather after measurement in a variation of two types of printing. A vertical machine in its turn takes up less space. It is additionally equipped with a digital infrared scanning device and a printer with automatic printing;

• hydraulic cutting press for cutting pieces of leather of the desired shape and size using metal molds. Simple and convenient adjustment of the cutting point and the function of working with both hands facilitates operating conditions and increases the level of safety. Automatic lubrication of the machine significantly increases its service life;

• Laser leather cutting machine with advanced DSP control technology, which has high speed and precision cutting. Perfect quality for its price. The main system can be controlled by a USB flash drive without connecting to a PC, it has the functions of imitation cutting, cutting with color separation, continuous cutting when the power is turned off and other functionality;

• double feed roller leather splitter. Equipped with functions of stepless control of the feed rate, automatic tool sharpening and feed of circular material;

• hand, foot and pneumatic presses for fitting accessories, on which, with the help of special accessories (dies), the fittings for goods can be installed with maximum quality and reliability;

• machine for automatic installation of pearls (one or two-headed) with a special guiding device that connects pearls and nails with perfect accuracy. It is possible to adjust the speed of pearl packing and other parameters;

• equipped with several easy-to-change presser feet, skiving machine for mowing leather edges is perfect for treating leather and other materials. Simplicity of operation, durable operation and high productivity - these are the common features that can characterize skiving machines from NGS;

• pneumatic stamping presses for applying cliches onto leather (stamping), equipped with the function of uniform pneumatic pressure for stamping. The printing tape is driven by a pneumatic mechanism. Instead of a pneumatic press for surface stamping and cliches, various hand stamping machines can be used that provide a sufficiently high pressure and quick heating of the working surface;

• electric number stamping machine for precise and clear stamping of shoe sizes, serial numbers, dates and other numbers on such surfaces as leather, cardboard, fabric or plastic;

• pattern branding machine for gluing with the clamping method using high temperature materials of the inter-lining with the upper of the shoe, equipped with electronic control of time, temperature and indication of completion of the process.Equipment for cutting shoe vamps is available from authorized NGS dealers in Germany, Poland, Ukraine and other European and CIS countries.