Accessories setting equiment

At the cutting stage for the production of leather goods, machines are used to insert eyelets, hooks, rivets and necked washers. Mainly, the final quality of the goods directly depends on the accessories installed on it. It is possible to make the correct and high-quality installation exclusively with the help of installation presses. To install each specific product of the hardware on the product, special nozzles are needed - accessories, they are also called matrices.

If you take such a necessary and serious step as optimization and automation of production, then for this purpose you need to use only high-quality equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to buy machines for inserting eyelets, hooks and rivets from official dealers of the international company NGS, which produces only high-quality and reliable equipment. Our representatives are located in countries of Europe and the CIS. We additionally provide services for the professional organization and turn-key setting up of production and business, as well as personnel training services for working on our equipment.