Shoe making sewing equipment

Sewing machines for sewing shoes is a fairly wide range of equipment, each type of which is unique and to the same extent has some universal qualities that can be used in various operations. With the help of sewing machines, you can solve many problems in a quite voluminous and saturated overall cycle of shoe production.

Sewing equipment intended for industrial use is distinguished by a strong case and wear-resistant running parts, which allows these machines to be used intensively and over a long period of time.

At the assembly department where the workpiece is assembled, the following types of sewing equipment for sewing shoes are mainly used:

• single or double needle postbed machine is used for applying decorative or functional stitches with threads of a certain degree of thickness (both thin and thick). Such a stitch is used on curved sections of the upper shoes and other leather goods. Recommended for durable materials and leather. In this case, the external surface of the material does not matter; it can be either a smooth profile or leather with a rather rough surface. The postbed machine is equipped with a filigree synchronized feed system and a vertical shuttle that can be rotated 360 degrees. Highly placed pinch roller makes it possible to conveniently place and remove working material of large thickness;

• Zigzag sewing machine is used for sewing thin materials or medium thickness in zigzag stitch. The main difference of this machine is a fairly smooth course of the functional part during operation, the ability to flexibly configure and the most acceptable neat seam. Using this very convenient and comfortable in operation and maintenance of the sewing machine you can also sew and lining, fur products, you can apply the whipstitch and the back seam, as well as the seam on the zipper and on the bend;

• The flatbed single needle sewing machine is designed for industrial production and is mainly used for straight stitching. It has a flat platform, it is used for applying stitches to the upper parts of shoes, bags and other leather goods. The material is fed using a special mechanism, which consists of a stretching part and needle advancement.

The rollers fixing the top and bottom of the material do not allow lightweight materials to move and slip out of the work area during operation. This achieves a very high quality stitch when working with heavy materials and leather. The machine has high maneuverability when sewing parts with curved lines.

You can buy sewing equipment and other machines for sewing shoes from official dealers of the international company NGS in Germany, Poland, Ukraine and other countries of Europe or the CIS. Our company also offers services for the professional turnkey setting up of the manufacturing business and for training employees to work on our shoes-making machines.