Heel shaping and nailing equipment

Equipment for preparation and nailing the heel provides high-quality performance indicators for this operation at one of the final stages of the shoe lasting assembly section.

The machine for moulding the backpart for the heel provides a streamlined shape of the heel and adjusts its size and shape to fit under the heel. This equipment has its own sophisticated style and is a reliable assistant in the field of footwear production. This really high-quality machine allows you to create a perfect fit of the heel plate. It has the function of setting the temperature on the pressure plate and quick adjustment for the style of the pads. It is also possible, if necessary, to smoothly adjust the indicators at the stage of heel loosening to give the heel of the shoe the perfect shape.

The machine for nailing the heel is equipped with various accessories for working with male and female shoes. For men, special wider equipment for 5 nails is used, and for women it is used for 7 nails with additional fixation with a central screw. The kit includes another snap-in under the female heel with an additional pneumatic cylinder. When working, you can switch modes from shoes to boots. For example, when working with boots, the rack-tip changes its angle for the convenience of putting on shoes with high shafts.

Also, when working with a machine for nailing the heel, you can freely adjust the force and position of the hammer, switch the mode of supply of nails between automatic and manual, and change the settings when driving nails. They can be hammered all at once or in turn, for this the menu has the option of selecting for each specific nail. The machine is also equipped with a laser sight for more accurate performance and an emergency shutdown system that provides maximum safety during work in the workplace.

Working with such equipment convenient in operation, the production employee has the opportunity to quickly receive tasks and perform them continuously. High speed and its maximum efficiency allow you to have a clear idea of its condition at the right time. The above machines meet all the requirements of quality standards and fully comply with all technical standards.

These advantages make it possible to optimize production to the limit, when the work at each stage is perfected to perfection. The production of shoes delivered to the conveyor, when everything is perfectly calibrated, there are no sites that can not cope with the loads, and at the same time, no device is idle anywhere, it allows you to recoup the purchased equipment as soon as possible.