Steaming and stabilizing

Wet-heat treatment and stabilization of a shoe workpiece includes several stages during which thermal impact on the shoe material is made with the help of a moist heated air flow, as well as for the following drying of the workpiece — cool dry and heated dry air flow. The subsequent operation of processing the shoe material at the stage of exposure to humidified air occurs at a temperature of about 65 degrees Celsius with the maximum permissible moisture content of the air for several minutes.

Processing in the hot zone is carried out at indicators of air temperature from 80 to 120 degrees Celsius. The workpiece is exposed to heat for 5 to 7 minutes.

At the stage of air cooling, shoes are placed in a special conveyor, where they are cooled at room temperature, at the level of air temperature in the workshop.

The result of all the manipulations carried out with the shoe blank should be that the blanks of the upper part of the shoe tightly enough fit the shoe without the visible presence of any wrinkles, unauthorized patterns, various deformations or any wrinkles at a level that is above the shoe faces. Naturally, the material should not contain any stains, traces or other mechanical or thermal deformations that could theoretically arise from the contact of the shoe material with parts or shoe semi-pairs with each other.

The protruding edge must be firmly fixed on the shoe, after the heat treatment process, the adhesive puff should remain in its original form. All subsequent shoe processing operations should be carried out with the workpiece pre-cooled to ambient temperatures. It is important to make sure that after drying on the shoe blank there are no visible damage on its outer surface.

The international company NGS offers machines for the automatic heat treatment and drying of shoe blanks on 4 tracks and 6 tracks. The productivity of the first reaches 2000 pairs per shift, the second - 3000. The equipment has a beautiful stylish professional design and impressive performance. This is really high-quality equipment that optimizes processes in production to the maximum extent and increases overall performance indicators.

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