Shoe toe forming equipment

Equipment for inserting the toe cap and gluing the lining is used at one of the stages of the assembly department for lasting shoes. Machines for gluing lining perfectly perform their work functions and are intended for any kind of socks, including for socks on women's high-heeled shoes. International company NGS presents single and double lining gluing machines. Of course, they are distinguished by high performance and are unique in their own way due to the impeccable forms of each of their parts. Like all NGS equipment, these machines have uncompromising rigor combined with the highest quality. Gluing the lining on such equipment turns into a never-ending stream of perfectly calibrated cyclic operations that maximize productivity. This equipment stands out for its ease of use and ease of maintenance.

An innovative technological base in combination with a stylish design allows you to enjoy work on equipment of unsurpassed quality, which fully meets all modern standards and requirements.

Another important element in this area of shoe production is a machine for pasting and shaping a toe cap, usually made of thermoplastic materials. The process of pasting and shaping is as follows: the workpiece is installed between a pair of plates heated to the desired temperature, which actually activate the glue. It is under the influence of such temperature and pressure that the workpiece is glued to the toe cap.

The machine for gluing a toe cap is maximally improved and has an ultra-modern appearance. The production of shoes with NGS machines is becoming not only professional, but also aesthetic. The main advantage of this particular machine is a single-phase power supply, which saves electricity, as well as triac control of the heating temperature, the temperature and cycle time at which are set depending on the material used. The upper limit of the available temperature for a heated pressure plate is 250 degrees Celsius. Productivity - up to 2000 pairs per eight-hour shift. The machine is very compact: length and width of 600 mm, height 1200 mm. It can be conveniently placed in the workshop in the right place on the production line.