Sole sewing machine

Machines for sewing the soles are applied at one of the final stages of the assembly section of the shoes lasting. Additional stitching on the sole allows fastening reinforcement of the bottom of the shoe and the sole and significantly reduce the likelihood of sticking or lagging the sole from the bottom of the shoe in the future while operating the shoe.

Also, preventive flashing of the sole to the long edge and the main insole is carried out, which significantly strengthens the shoes and prolongs its service life. It is unlikely that anyone will succeed in deliberately tearing or sticking it after this.

This equipment will fit well both in an already competently optimized production process, and will allow you to create it by automating another production site. The machine has small dimensions, which allows you to easily find a place for it even in the cramped production workshop.

Without additional sole firmware, it is impossible to create really reliable and durable shoes that will last long enough for their owner and thereby create an indelible impression on him of a bona fide manufacturer. That is why it is very important to supplement the production cycle with a machine for flashing the sole, which will make a significant contribution to the overall streamlined process of manufacturing high-quality shoes.

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