Hot air and steam equipment

Hot air and steam blowing machines are necessary for leveling and smoothing the surface areas of the shoe vamps, removing wrinkles and folds on the leather, as well as for preparing shoes for removing excess sticking threads and giving the product its final look.

The international company NGS offers not only ordinary air dryers with steam, which are equipped with a function for adjusting the temperature of the outgoing air flows, but also a more versatile air dryer with a nibble. This air dryer allows you to process the surface of the shoe, the result of which will be the alignment and smoothing of the outer side of the shoe blank. This result is achieved using the operation of the pounding, when the workpiece is firmly fixed by the clamping method on the block to the pneumatic shock device. The degree of pounding can be adjusted by the pressure of the compressed air that is supplied to the percussion mechanism. The product is processed using a hot stream of air with steam, which is fed from the output nozzle. In addition, various folds and bumps can also be smoothed out using a special rolling roller.

The advantages of an air dryer with the possibility of rumbling include functionality for adjusting the intensity of steam supply, as well as the ability to turn off steam and work exclusively with hot air, which can be extremely useful in some situations when working with certain types of materials. The hammering mechanism for pounding works at high speeds, well, do not forget about the presence of an additional rolling roller, which extends the overall functionality of the device.

The possible temperature of heating the air with a hair dryer for lounging is up to 550 degrees Celsius, productivity - up to 2000 pairs in an eight-hour shift. The machine is quite compact, does not take up much space, simple and convenient to operate.

You can buy a machine for blowing the workpiece with hot air and steam, as well as other equipment and accessories for the production of shoes and leather goods, from authorized NGS dealers in other European and CIS countries. All machines presented on the site are available. Experts working with us will be happy to advise you, answer all questions about the operation and maintenance of equipment, and also clearly demonstrate the work on machines for the production of shoes. In addition, we provide services for the professional turnkey setting up of the manufacturing business and staff training for working on our equipment.