Leather trimming machine

At the cutting site, a very important component is equipment for trimming leather or excess of other materials. Machines for trimming leather base are primarily used in the process of trimming the edges of the workpiece, immediately after applying the stitching on the upper edging material of the workpiece. After we make sure that the lining and top completed together in closed units were successfully connected with a single stitch along the front and surface edges, we can proceed to the main stage of trimming the leather lining material. The main thing is to make sure that the top and lining are connected exactly along the perimeter of the stitch.

The lining of leather material eliminates protruding unnecessary edges on the same level with the front and upper edges of counters, the ends of the stitches are additionally fixed. The frequency should be at the level of about 4-5 stitches per 1 cm of the stitch; the distance from the stitch to the end of the material should not be more than 1.2 mm.

The edges of the leather lining that remain after the previous stage of work with the workpiece and extend beyond the details of the upper of the shoe should be trimmed evenly with the edges. It must be ensured that the stitch, as well as the details of the upper of the shoe, are not deformed or otherwise damaged.The NGS trimmer is ideal for this process. It is used to eliminate excess material on workpieces, trimming eco materials, lining, burrs and other excess allowances for workpiece parts. The workflow is as follows: at high speed, the sharpening stone rotates, with the help of which the machine blade is sharpened.

This equipment significantly improves productivity and has a positive effect on product quality.You can buy leather trimming machines and other equipment for the production of footwear from official dealers of the international company NGS in Germany, Poland, Ukraine and other countries of Europe and the CIS. The equipment is always available and our specialists are ready to provide detailed advice and demonstrate the operation of machines for the production of shoes.

We also produce related equipment and additional goods (ribbons, brushes, scissors, lamps, fans), which will help to set up production lines and to optimize as much as possible all working processes in the enterprise. NGS provides services for the professional setting up of the turnkey manufacturing business and the training of enterprise personnel in working with our equipment.