Shoe sides moulding machine

The equipment for molding the edging of the shoe is an indispensable component at the stage of forming the tops of the finish area in the process of shoe production. Our wide experience in creating specialized equipment for the production of shoes allows us to continuously improve our heritage. After all, only high-quality materials, together with engineering precision and high performance equipment, allow you to create truly comfortable and beautiful shoes.

This equipment, through the fully automated process of forming quaters at any position and the simplified design of molding devices that are equipped with special pressing cheeks for crimping the workpiece, allows for quick replacement of lasts for fixing shoe blanks of various shapes and sizes on them. This allows a significant increase in performance indicators at a given shoe manufacturing site.

The machine for hot and cold forming allows you to achieve tremendous processing speeds, up to 3000 pairs per eight-hour shift.Full automation and maximum optimization of the shoe manufacturing process is not achievable without modernization at each production site, without exception. That is why a quarter forming machine is a necessary and indispensable component at the finishing site of shoe production. Achieving optimal production indicators, when the overall process is really well-tuned, avoids downtime on some and overload on other areas of shoe production. A well-established work makes it possible to achieve maximum production rates, which in turn leads to an increase in the quantity, quality and lower cost of production.

Such shoes will be in high demand, which will make it possible to recoup the purchased equipment as soon as possible.You can buy equipment for forming the edging of shoes and quarters from official dealers of the international company NGS, which are represented in countries of Europe and the CIS. All equipment available on the site for the production of shoes and leather goods is available. Our experts are always ready to demonstrate the operation of these machines and conduct detailed instruction on the operation. In addition, we provide services for setting up a turnkey production business and training personnel to work with our equipment.