Stitch flatten equipment

Machines for hammering the seam are used in the manufacture of leather goods at the stage of assembly of the shoemaking. Thanks to the operations of hammering, the seams on the product acquire a more accurate appearance and much flatter shapes. The equipment uses a special mechanical device that, with the help of hammer blows on the processed material, pounding the seams and smoothes the skin. The presence of a heating bottom plate on which the shoemaking is installed allows you to give the skin the necessary elasticity and softness to act on it.You can buy machines for hammering the seam and other equipment and related products for the production of leather goods and various accessories from authorized dealers of the international company NGS. Our offices are located in Germany, Poland, Ukraine and other European and CIS countries. The equipment is always available, our customers can at any time get detailed advice on the operation and maintenance of machines for the production of leather goods. In addition, we provide a full package of services for the professional setting up of a turnkey manufacturing business and the training of company employees to work on our equipment.