Roughing equipment

Equipment for grinding and ruffle the leather is used to do grinding and ruffle the leather on the installation stage of the shoe tightening phase. The process of grinding and ruffle the leather surface of the product is necessary to give it a presentation when the outer part of the leather cover of the workpiece is converted as much as possible after the procedures. It is important to do grinding evenly so as not to deform or damage any areaRoughing equipments on the surface of the material being processed. Properly conducted processes of grinding and ruffle lay the next stone in the foundation for the production of truly high-quality leather goods.

You can buy equipment for grinding and ruffle the leather from our dealers in the –°IS countries. All machines listed in the site are in stock. We provide detailed after-sale service from our experts regarding the operation of the equipment and the establishment of a leather goods production line. We also offer turnkey customization services for your production.