Sole marking and roughing equipment

Equipment for roughening and marking the sole includes roughening workpiece machines, as well as equipment for trimming the long edge. Each component of the assembly and lasting phase of shoes is extremely important. The final appearance and quality of shoes can be significantly affected by any, even the smallest detail.

First of all, you need to carefully remove excess leather material from the long edge without causing any damage to the shoe insole. This task can be performed quickly and efficiently using a special machine for trimming the long edge.

The next step is to perform the operation of ruffling the long edges of the shoe blank. Ruffling is carried out evenly over the entire surface area of the drawn edge. A very important point is to leave a gap of 1mm. The front layer must be removed from the long edge of the workpiece in such a way that in no case prevent it from damage. Also, do not forget about removing dust from the workpiece.

The process of roughening, which allows you to completely transform the surface of leather, is also interesting. Roughing machines have a unique design for their cleaning devices. They have a small dust collection output, dust collection effect when working with this equipment is from 80% and above. Very impressive performance, which is achieved thanks to box-type air filters, which use a nylon mesh. It is very easy to clean, it has tremendous air permeability.

The roughening machines are very compact, which allows them to fit perfectly into the assembly line in the production of shoes or leather goods.

NGS also offers coarse roughening machines from the international company NGS, which are distinguished by the presence of a nylon side wheel for dust cleaning, which, when connected to the dust collector, provides easy and efficient work on roughening coarse surfaces. Track alignment is achieved with an abrasive stone. The table can be adjusted in height, a waste bin and an efficient dust extraction system are available.

You can buy equipment for roughening and marking soles or other machines for shoe production from authorized NGS dealers in Germany, Poland, Ukraine and other CIS countries and Europe.