Sole bending and edging equipment

Equipment for edging leather and covering the insole is used at the stage of vamp assembly for lining. This process is carried out both on the edge of the insole, and throughout its area. With the help of a hot-cement covering machine, it is possible to process products made of both genuine leather and eco-leather in the production of shoes and leather goods.

The covering machine is an electromechanical equipment with the ability to automatically supply glue, always with its uniform and smooth distribution over the working area of ​​the workpiece material.The clamping and broaching system, which characterizes the basic principle of the machine’s operation, consists of two hammers and is equipped with a built-in servo drive with a clamping hammer positioner and a speed adjustment function. The machine is equipped with a function for adjusting the temperature and controlling the amount of glue supply. There is the possibility of lining the area of the full surface of the insole. To do this, just turn off the upper or lower nozzle.Leather bending machines can be used not only in the case of insoles in the manufacture of shoes, but also in the manufacture of leather goods.

The most important thing in choosing the right equipment is to take into account many factors that determine a truly high-quality machine:

  • availability of the automatic glue feed function;
  • the possibility of using material of various thicknesses;
  • regulation of the thickness of the wrapping of the material;
  • adjustment of the edging length in accordance with the insole length in the lateral projection;
  • the ability to cut off excess material of the desired length in an automatic manner in accordance with the specified settings;
  • smooth and stable edging with smooth passage of radius;
  • the machine must have memory with the ability to save the specified operating parameters;
  • a servo drive with the possibility of saving electricity, which in the long run has a positive effect on the cost of production.

You can buy equipment for edging leather and covering insoles at authorized NGS dealers in Germany, Poland, Ukraine and other European and CIS countries. Equipment is always available and our experts will be happy to instruct you and demonstrate machines for the production of shoes in the work process. We also provide services for the professional turnkey setting up of the manufacturing business and staff training for working with our equipment.