Cutting leather press

Cutting presses

The production process for the production of shoes includes one of the most important work - cutting of leather and other materials of the top. One of the main tasks is performed by the press. Equipment for cutting is also used for stamping. The press is distinguished by the size and force of the shock plate, overall dimensions and equipment safety.

The principle of the press for cutting

The point of the press for cutting leather is to produce shoe parts using stricking force. The way of operation of the equipment is to lay out top materials (genuine leather, eco-leather, nubuck, suede or lining) on a horizontal surface, lay out metal cutters and chop in an impact way.

How to choose a cutting press for shoe production

You can choose a cutting press based on the requirements of the production process: overall dimensions of the stricking plate and the working area, height between the plate and the table, impact force, power, stroke of the shock plate, weight and size of the equipment, noise level and overall performance.

Where to buy a cutting press

After you have selected the press for shoe production, got acquainted with its specifications, watched an overview video, you can order equipment from official dealers of the international company NGS in Germany, Poland, Ukraine and other European and CIS countries.The cutting press from NGS is:

You can get acquainted with the equipment at authorized NGS dealers. We offer more than 200 items of equipment for the production of shoes. NGS is a team of professionals who will help you choose equipment, advise on technical specifications and help in commissioning. For detailed information about the price of the press for cutting, delivery and payment terms call the numbers indicated on the site.