Leather skiving equipment

Skiving machines for thinning the edge of leather are used in footwear and leather goods manufacturing for leveling, cutting and thinning the edges of leather workpieces surfaces. This is all necessary to create neat details with equal thickness and save the material structure. Basically, such a descent of the leather edges is used for all details of shoe top, well, except maybe the edges of the long hem. The edges of the top of the shoe, which in the future will be on the visible side, are made thinner to create beautiful edging. The edges of top details from the inner invisible side are thinned in order to avoid the formation of rough seams with their further fastening. These measures allow to avoid fading of the foot during the further use of shoes.

The width and thickness of the thinning of leather parts are not constant and directly depend on the purpose of the operation. In the case of processing the upper parts for trimming, hot forming, bending and inversion, the outer edges are thinned from the lower rough side of leather so that the thickness of the processed edges coincides with the original leather thickness.In turn, the thickness of the thinned edge under the seam is directly dependent on the original thickness of the parts, but in no case should it exceed a value half that of the original thickness of the material. If it is necessary to maintain the strength of parts made of synthetic leather materials, their thinning along the edges is carried out at a lower thickness than with parts made of genuine leather.

We bring to your attention several squaring machines for lowering the edge of leather, which are offered by the international company NGS.

You can buy skiving machines for the cutting department and other equipment for the production of footwear and leather products from authorized NGS dealers in Germany, Poland, Ukraine and other countries in Europe and the CIS.