Leather skiving equipment

Leather edge skiving machines are special equipment that is used for specific operation of forming an inclined edge and even skiving various parts from leather materials and leather goods such as gloves, bags, wallets, belts, suitcases, and others. In general, this process can also be called thinning of the edges of the material. You can perform this operation with such material as thermoplastic and other materials: leather, PU materials, rubber, etc.

Equipment for descent of the leather edge from the international company NGS stands out for its high-quality development, taking into account all the nuances in matters of maintenance and operation, maximum ease of use, reliability and long service life. The machine allows even edges to be cut with evenly thin materials. Thanks to full automation, the device for lowering the edge of the skin easily copes with such tasks. Equipping with special feed rollers from the upper and lower sides provides reliable fixation of the workpiece and prevents its unauthorized sliding or various shifts in any possible planes.

The presence of a hood for dust absorption and a waste collection tank allows you to maintain order at the workplace near a working machine, ensure the safety of the coordinating work of the employee, and also increases the durability of the machine itself for lowering the edge of the leather, and other equipment in the production workshop. It should also be noted that such functionality as the ability to control the speed of rotation of the knife, which avoids its heating. Thus, its tip remains sharpened longer.

The machine for cutting the edge of the leather is equipped with as many as three motors, two of which rotate the rollers, and one ensures the functioning of the hood to collect dust.You can buy skiving machines and other related equipment and materials for the manufacture of leather goods and various accessories from our authorized NGS dealers. All equipment is available if you want, you can to learn with machine functionality in detail, see at the machines in operation and get detailed advice on the maintenance and operation of our equipment. We also provide all quality guarantees, offer services for professional turn-key setting up of the manufacturing business and conduct staff training to work on our equipment.