Leather edge painting machine

Equipment for painting the edge is one of the necessary components for the full formation of the assembling department for workpiece assembling in manufacturing shoes, bags and other leather goods industry. Previously, in this case, instead of painting the edges, a more primitive and labor-intensive technology of edge bending was used.

To prevent the negative effects of humidity, edges were treated with wax and various mixtures based on it, which made it possible to preserve the original neat appearance of the products for longer periods. At the moment, all these obsolete methods are no longer relevant, the protective mixture is now more versatile and durable, they are able to perform not only the function of a protective membrane, but also add a decorative component to the image thanks to the paint that is added to the mixture.Protective paint, also called sealing, can be applied both to individual parts and to the edges after completing products in one product. Then the painted surface must be subjected to heat treatment. Drying of the paint can be carried out both in the drying chamber, in which the air is heated by means of infrared lamps, and in other ways that the cutting edge sealing machine is equipped with.

Thanks to the heat treatment, the polymers that make up the seals quickly assimilate into the leather structure and make it possible to seal open pores as tightly as possible, thus strengthening the surface of the edges. After drying the paint mixture, it remains only to clean the bumps (polishing the top layer) and polish the surface with high-quality.In the range of equipment for the production of footwear and leather goods, which is offered by the international company NGS, there is a machine for coloring the edges of the leather. Its purpose is to automate the process of applying paint (sealing) on the cuts of genuine leather and PU leather. This process is gaining its maximum relevance in the production of summer shoes, such as slippers and sandals, since without sealing the edges of the leather that make up the top of such shoes, it is impossible to achieve an acceptable beautiful appearance.

You can buy equipment for painting the edge and other machines for the production of shoes from official dealers of NGS in Germany, Poland, Ukraine and other countries of Europe and the CIS. We also provide services for the professional turn-key setting up of the manufacturing business and for training production workers to work on our equipment.