Stitch flatten equipment

Machines for smoothing and flattening seams are an integral component of the billet production area.

The main equipment on this site of work with seams are the following machines, which are produced by the international company NGS:

  • a seam breaking machine designed to process it after the stitching process of two parts of the upper part of the shoe. The essence of the processing is as follows: the workpiece is pre-deployed and the seam is made flatter. This is achieved by mechanical action of a special shock mechanism, which loosens the seam, while smoothing the leather. At the same time, the lower plate, heated to the desired temperature, allows the treated leather to become softer, more elastic and suitable for subsequent smoothing. The seam stitching machine is equipped with temperature adjustment functions on the lower heating plate. This allows you to work with a wide range of materials with different thermal stability. The machine is equipped with a toggle switch, with the help of which it is possible to switch the hammer operating mode to automatic (continuous operation) and start the device by pressing and holding a special pedal. The mechanical speed of the installation is 2000 beats per minute;
  • the machine for loosing the top and the shoe trace is indispensable in the shoe lasting area. The machine is equipped with a wheel for pounding, which operates at the highest possible speeds and makes it possible to qualitatively align the long edge and the footprint of the shoe. Three vibrating metal hammers using an electronic thermal heating system produce angular lapping around such parts of the shoe as the heel, counter, vamp, toe and the contour of the shoe as a whole. Additionally, in this process, the elimination of villi, fine particles and other excess material occurs. The appearance of the shoe acquires visible features familiar to us with clear edges and corners, wrinkles on the material of the upper of the shoe disappear and you can see an almost perfectly flat surface. The wheel rotates very quickly, thanks to which a high speed of revolutions allows for sufficient tracing when working with materials. In the case of natural materials, this effect is not observed;
  • machine for smoothing the weld seam with tape sizing is used for various materials. On this machine, you can glue the braid by feeding glue through the nozzles. It is equipped with special equipment of two types: U-shaped designed for the guiding seam and wedge-shaped for unfolding the seam.

You can purchase machines for smoothing and flattening seams from authorized NGS dealers in Germany, Poland, Ukraine and other countries in Europe and the CIS. We also provide services for professional customization of the turnkey manufacturing business and training of production staff to work on our equipment.