Shoe toe, middle and heel part assembling equipment

Equipment for lasting toe, heel and middle part is an integral part of the assemling section of shoe lasting. The toe-lasting machine performs this function with special claws and glues the toe-edge to the insole. Glue is supplied to the workpiece through metal forms (crowns) adapted for this, which can be changed for different types and forms of shoes.

The main advantages of this machine are:

The machine for lasting the heel edge, in turn, is presented for lasting the material in the heel and the middle-heel area on men's, women's and children's shoes and can be used to work with any suitable type of material. This hydraulic and pneumatic machine allows you to correctly form a protracted edge of a pre-smoothed surface in the heel without wrinkles and other defects, thus preparing it for the subsequent process.

The principle of operation of the equipment lies in the fact that glue is applied to the heel and middle-heel parts using the programmed glue nozzles. Programming the movement of mechanisms is carried out depending on the model; for the inner and outer sides of the workpiece, it is possible to set various data to switch the left and right half pairs. During the process, with the help of fixing pincers, the workpiece is pulled in the transition from the heel to the middle-heel part, and the smoothing plates for the heel and the draw rollers for the middle-heel carry out shoe lasting. At the end of this operation, you can start stuffing tex on the heel.

The glue application path can be set in the settings on the touch screen of the machine. This path can be stored in memory. It is also possible to turn on and off individual operating mechanisms and functions when working with the machine to tighten the heel and gel parts of the shoe.