Finishing and fixing deffects equipment

Equipment for finishing and sealing defects mainly includes polishing machines and machine tools. You can consider the process of finishing polishing on example of polishing machines AR-PM-1 and AR-PM-1W offered by the international company NGS.

These dust collecting polishing machines are mainly used at the final stage of the shoe manufacturing process, but can also be used for other processes in the manufacture of shoes (roughening) and for other industries with soft polishing. Components of the machine are body made of solid metal, which guarantees the strength and durability of the structure, as well as an electric motor equipped with an elongated shaft, on which you can install the necessary nozzles, the electric motor, in turn, is equipped with a speed conversion system for changing the number of revolutions during various operations.

To eliminate dust, an exhaust system with a powerful fan is used. Dust during the working process is collected in a special dust collector, which is located on the back of the polishing machine. The modern filter from the advanced ultra-thin nylon mesh has good air permeability and makes it possible to clean the air as easily as possible. The equipment is equipped with a convenient and intuitive control panel, on which there are buttons for turning the engine on and off, hoods, an emergency shutdown button, and also engine speed controllers.

Automation of the polishing process using modern and high-performance machines allows you to increase the overall pace of production and add additional points to offset overall optimization at the enterprise. Also, the impact on improving the quality of the final product will not be an exception. Properly optimized production processes allow us to produce reliable and high-quality shoes with a minimum percentage of defects.

You can buy equipment for finishing and sealing defects on shoes, as well as machines for other stages of the production of shoes, bags and leather goods, from authorized NGS dealers in Germany, Poland, Ukraine and other European and CIS countries. All the machines listed on the site are available and our specialists will be happy to instruct them in operation, demonstrate the equipment in operation and give detailed advice on issues that arose during the familiarization with the equipment. We also offer services for the professional turn-key setting up of the manufacturing business and training of production staff in working with our equipment, for which we offer full quality guarantees.