Taking off shoe last machine

When all rough work with shoe has already been completed, there remains one important and crucial task - removing shoe from the last. Before removing shoe from the last, first of all, it is necessary to eliminate the wedge or temporarily deform the shoe by bending it. Only then shoe can be removed from the last, preventing any possibility of damage to the upper of the shoe.

Automation of this process can significantly accelerate the pace of production. Therefore, any production line for manufacturing shoes should be understaffed with a special machine for removing finished shoes from the last.Using in their production equipment of such a level of quality and ease of use, anyone can fall in love with this difficult and time-consuming business - making shoes.

Having at your disposal machines of this class you can surpass your competitors both in the level of optimization of production processes and in terms of quality of the final product.You can buy machines for removing finished shoes from lasts and other equipment for the production of shoes, as well as related products for this, from authorized dealers of the international company NGS in other European and CIS countries. All equipment presented on the site is available, our experts will be happy to demonstrate it in operation and hold detailed consultations on the operation and maintenance of machines for the production of shoes, bags and other leather goods. We also provide services for setting up a turnkey production business and training staff on working with our equipment.