Glues for leather goods

Glues are used for manufacturing leather goods as a connecting component of several parts of the workpiece. The glue should be applied in a uniform layer, you can apply manually, but it is better to automatize the process and use a special gluing machine, which minimizes errors associated with the human factor. Then, after applying the glue, the partss are joined and pressed. This ensures guaranteed high-quality bonding the workpiece is passed to the next processing stage. And much in this production area depends precisely on the quality of the adhesive, since if it leaves much to be desired, it does not matter how correctly the gluing process was carried out, because the final result will be unsatisfactory in any case.

That is why glue for leather goods is worth buying from trusted manufacturers and suppliers. High-quality glue should be sufficiently elastic and viscous, resistant to the effects of fats and oils, and also have the necessary water resistance and be resistant to thermal effects in a wide temperature range. Any glue for leather should be accompanied by instructions for use indicating the exact composition of the glue. This information is necessary for the most correct application in this technological operation.

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