Drying shoes machine K6-75


  • Voltage: 220V;
  • Power: 0.75 kW;
  • Gross weight: 90 kg;
  • Net weight: 70 kg;
  • Dimensions: 1300x1500x450;
  • Nomenclature: TW-K6-NS / 75
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The Drying shoes machine K6-75 is used in the shoe and leather goods industries at the final stage of production.

The principle of operation of this model is carried out by means of warm air, due to which the placed products are dried. Electric heating elements heat the air in the thermal block, from which air is supplied to the cabinet space by means of a fan. Specially designed flows are used to blow off the shoe and remove moisture from it. The exhaust air is then removed from the cabinet.

The drying cabinet operation is adjusted on the control unit. It is possible to set the required temperature and set the drying time.

The advantages of this equipment are as follows:

  • simplicity of use;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • the thoroughness of the work;
  • high quality of final products;
  • increasing the productivity of the workshop;
  • reliable construction;
  • long service life.

You can buy a Drying shoes machine K6-75 with a supplier's warranty online, by phone, in regional showrooms or from dealers of the international company NGS. The cost of the machine is calculated individually for each order. A warranty card is attached to the purchase, according to which installation, professional adjustment of equipment, employee training and 24/7 consultation are provided.

In the branded stores of the supplier NGS, you can see any equipment for the production of shoes and leather goods in action. Our experts provide advice on any questions about working with the models you like. You can also choose a product in the online store, where a catalog of the company's full assortment with a detailed description is presented. All products are in stock.

  • Voltage: 220V;
  • Power: 0.75 kW;
  • Gross weight: 90 kg;
  • Net weight: 70 kg;
  • Dimensions: 1300x1500x450;
  • Nomenclature: TW-K6-NS / 75

Warranty conditions for the Drying shoes machine K6-75 are indicated in the Warranty card that you receive when you purchase.

Drying shoes machine K6-75 You can buy with a guarantee in NGS by making a request on the website or a specialist by phone or email. Detailed information on connecting, setting up, installing Drying shoes machine K6-75 in the NGS Equipment Operating Instructions.

You can buy the Drying shoes machine K6-75 with delivery on the website or from an NGS specialist.

We offer:

  • Shipment at own expense from a warehouse (Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lviv, Brovary) of the available equipment;
  • Delivery all over Ukraine by a transport company (optional) to any city;
  • Delivery to the CIS and European countries is carried out by the transport company selected by the Customer.

You can order the Drying shoes machine K6-75 from NGS with delivery to any country. The cost and delivery time Drying shoes machine K6-75 depends on the weight, quantity of equipment and order urgency.