Rule metal for the bootleg


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The metal rule for the bootleg is a mechanism in the form of a leg, consisting of two contacting parts. It is used in the manufacture of footwear for shaping the lower leg, smoothing the leather, eco materials on the bootleg.

A metal rule is set for equipment:

  • Shaft rule I11 (single);
  • Rule for shaft with hair dryer ST288 (double);
  • Hairdryer shaft rule I10 (single).

You can order a metal rule both online and by phone. Availability in stock, characteristics, the ability to use on equipment and other questions can be clarified with an NGS specialist.

Warranty conditions for the Rule metal for the bootleg are indicated in the Warranty card that you receive when you purchase.

Rule metal for the bootleg You can buy with a guarantee in NGS by making a request on the website or a specialist by phone or email. Detailed information on connecting, setting up, installing Rule metal for the bootleg in the NGS Equipment Operating Instructions.

You can buy the Rule metal for the bootleg with delivery on the website or from an NGS specialist.

We offer:

  • Shipment at own expense from a warehouse (Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lviv, Brovary) of the available equipment;
  • Delivery all over Ukraine by a transport company (optional) to any city;
  • Delivery to the CIS and European countries is carried out by the transport company selected by the Customer.

You can order the Rule metal for the bootleg from NGS with delivery to any country. The cost and delivery time Rule metal for the bootleg depends on the weight, quantity of equipment and order urgency.