Laser equipment for shoe production

The use of laser machines instead of obsolete and bulky cutting and chipping gives many undeniable advantages, such as:

  • impressive speed indicators of work processes;
  • accessibility to perform even the most complex pattern processes;
  • high quality product processing and phenomenal accuracy, even in the case of leather processing in the most complex forms of cutting or engraving;
  • the ability to quickly reconfigure software for individual patterns;
  • it is possible to produce products in any quantities, not limited to the minimum batch size, as this in no way affects the cost of production;
  • minimization of the amount of waste after cutting;
  • almost complete absence of deffects in the manufacture of products.
It is safe to say that all these significant advantages have led to a real technological revolution in the production of footwear and leather goods. The ease of cutting natural or artificial leather using a powerful laser beam allows you to create quite complex curly patterns and ensure the highest quality of the final products. High processing speed reduces the final cost of leather products, and affordable equipment versatility makes it possible to adjust the flexibility of the production process. Laser engraving and cutting machine has a much more extensive functionality than trimming and cutting leather material. On the machine you can additionally engrave or outline the most accurate line for the seam, which in the future will be installed on the material. The most important thing in the case of processing leather material is to follow the instructions, paying attention to the uniformity of the material in the case of engraving, and to the type of leather, as in the case of genuine leather, the material can be ignited by heating with a high-energy laser. In this situation, you should use products that prevent the process of burning and treat leather in an environment with carbon dioxide or nitrogen.

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