Assembling department

The machine for lasting the middle-toe part of shoes DA2 (9 pincers, glue supply through crowns, computer with memory)
New type intelligent heel seat and sides lasting machine D87 (Nails, nozzle glue spreading, computer)
New Type Backpart Moulding Machine (two hot and two cold) DF2
Machine for tightening the long edge SN01
Toe shaping machine XD868
Shoe roughing machine I02
Sole sewing machine BM600
Sole sewing machine BV2-168H
Sole marking machine I08
Automatic heat setting machine DP1 (4 cavities)
Blower Machine I16
Backpart Moulding Machine (one hot, one cold with plates) D860D
Dust-Absorbing Grinding Machine SP23-2B (tape)
Pneumatic sole attaching press DC3
Machine for gluing thermoplastic backdrop RZ810
Stretched roughening machine PV632
Automatic Chiller Forming Machine XD238A (3,2m)
Exhaust hood SP03G
Delasting machine DT2
Intelligent heel steaming machine DT4
Nail puller KB2
Intelligent vamp steaming softening machine DT6
Single head roughing machine I03
Hot melt rubber toe shoes print machine LS8075A
Double head shoes roughing machine I04
Heel Lasting Machine DB2 (heel, midddle part, adhesive suply using nozzles, computer)
Shoes roughing machine (using water) PV628
Shoe side roughing machine SP-RA
Gluing toe cap I2-126
Machine for lasting the heel part D589A-P (R) (heel, manual glue application)

The assembly area on which the shoe is lasted consists of many stages, which are implemented using a whole range of machines, each of which performs its own operation. Let\\\'s take a look at them a little more in detail: • insert the toe cap and glue the lining. Pasting and shaping are performed on special equipment using two heated plates - glue activators. Thus the workpiece is glued to the toe cap; • molding of the heel and shaping of the vamp are carried out using airbags and hot and cold punches. On hot, the adhesive back zone is activated, and on cold, heel formation is completed; • humidifying the workpiece before lasting is done by steam treatment (steaming). Hot steam is fed to the workpiece, making it possible to prepare the material for subsequent high-quality lasting; • humid and heat treatment of the material to stabilize the shoe blank. The workpiece is exposed to humid hot and dry hot and cold air. Thanks to these procedures, the workpiece fits the last as tightly as possible without visible bends, wrinkles or folds; • Hot air and steam blowing is performed to achieve a perfectly smooth workpiece surface. All surface areas are leveled and smoothed, all wrinkles and folds remaining after previous processing processes are removed; • roughening and tousing the workpiece give the shoe workpiece the necessary appearance and completely transform it, and trimming the long edge allows you to remove all excess material from it; • drying and reactivation of the adhesive film. The glue is applied to the workpiece in an even and thin layer, then it is dried according to the individual mode for each type of glue. Then, using special equipment, the adhesive film is activated and the sole is heated before gluing with the workpiece; • gluing the sole using a pneumatic press - the workpiece is fixed and placed in a special compartment, which is filled with compressed air, after which the resulting strong uniform pressure firmly glues the sole to the workpiece; • stabilization of shoe material on the last and sole with the help of chilling units and removal of excess moisture from the workpiece. The process takes from 10 minutes to 1 hour; • accurate removal of the workpiece from the last without damaging the upper shoe - performed on a specially designed automated machine; • preparation and nailing of heels to shoes; • Flashing the sole to the drawn edge and the main insole can significantly strengthen its connection with the upper of the shoe and increase the service life. These stages include the assembly and lasting of shoes. It is desirable to carry out each process on equipment specially designed for this, which will optimize the production process and increase productivity.

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