The machine for lasting the middle-toe part of shoes DA2 (9 pincers, glue supply through crowns, computer with memory)
New type intelligent heel seat and sides lasting machine D87 (Nails, nozzle glue spreading, computer)
Upper Moulding Machine ( one hot, one cold) DF3
New Type Backpart Moulding Machine (two hot and two cold) DF2
Machine for tightening the long edge SN01
Toe shaping machine XD868
Shoe roughing machine I02
Vamp crimping machine ST165C
Skiving machine with computer ZH2-226C
Hydraulic swing arm cutting press SL-60 (27 tons)
Gluing machine BCH228
Sole sewing machine BM600
Insole Transfer Machine LS-801JM
Leather trimming machine BM323
Machine for hanging the top and the footprint of shoes ST206
Sole sewing machine BV2-168H
Stereo vamp hammering machine CT1-10
Seam pressing and attaching tape machine ZH4-296F
Base button plastic pearl attaching machine ZH4-198-2
Measuring machine G180T (horizontal)
Adhesive glue application brush ZL101Y
Hand leather stamping press I07
Press for fitting accessories AR-PF1
Electic stamping machine I26
Sole marking machine I08
Automatic heat setting machine DP1 (4 cavities)
Blower Machine I16
Post-bed single needle machine S991HD
Edge hot melt adhesive coating machine LS898A
Pattern branding machine I12

ЕquipCatalogCatalogment presented in the NGS catalog is available at a warehouse or showrooms in Ukraine. You can see the equipment in operation, get acquainted with the uniqueness of the process by prior arrangement with NGS specialist. The range of equipment for the production of shoes and leather goods totals more than 450 units, the most popular equipment:

  • Cutting site (link);
  • Procurement and processing site (link);
  • Assembly area or shoe lasting (link);
  • The finish area (link).
If you did not find any equipment or one of the machines does not fit the technical specifications, then we can bring the equipment to order. Any equipment for the production of shoes or leather goods with delivery in a short time

Choose equipment for the production of shoes, leather goods

Not sure how to choose NGS equipment? Want to replace an old machine or upgrade and speed up your workflow with help of equipment? It is not enough to buy one of the machines that a competitor has - it is necessary to learn how to work on this equipment, optimize the workflow by improving the quality of the manufactured goods. Therefore, we provide a full range from consultation on selection, connection, and to training and warranty service.

The price of equipment for the production of shoes and other leather goods

The cost of NGS equipment is not indicated in the catalog, since the price is tied to the exchange rate, and also depends on the number of units ordered. You can find out the price of equipment by phone or by requesting the selected equipment. NGS experts will advise on the cost of equipment that is available or will help in choosing equipment for the order.

How to buy equipment for the production of shoes, leather goods

You can buy equipment for the production of shoes or leather goods on the website on-line or from a manager by phone. All NGS equipment has a warranty of 1 to 5 years, depending on the type of equipment. If you do not know the name of the equipment or cannot find it in the catalog, call us. NGS is a team of specialists whose work is aimed at helping to optimize your work process.

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